Connect Croatian cities with natural heritage on a private day trips!

Private transfer and tour

Tailored ideally to connect two sides of Croatia with a visit to an incredible site on the way!

Private transfer and tour is the unique and the most comfortable way to travel around Croatia. See below all the options we offer to connect all must see sights in our country.

Split to Zagreb with Plitvice Lakes private tour

Travel safely from Split to Zagreb (or vice versa) and discover our most popular national park Plitvice Lakes.

Split to Dubrovnik with Mostar private tour

Have a secure and reliable transfer from Split to Dubrovnik (or vice versa) with full experience of Mostar town.

Split to Zadar with Krka Waterfalls private tour

Travel safely from Split to Zadar (or vice versa), and discover one of Croatia’s most popular national parks Krka Waterfalls.

Split to Rovinj with Plitvice Lakes private tour

Travel comfortably from Split to Rovinj (or vice versa), and discover national park Plitvice Lakes, UNESCO World heritage site.

Split to Ljubljana with Plitvice Lakes private tour

Take a private boat trip to the Blue cave, enchanting natural wonder, fisherman`s village Komiza and Hvar town.