Extraordinary natural phenomena and UNESCO world heritage site since 1979!

Plitvice Lakes Private Tour from Split

Why take a Private tour to Plitvice Lakes?

The Plitvice Lakes National Park is so unbelievably beautiful, even awe-inspiring. Instead of being rushed through the park on a group tour, indulge in it at your own pace, taking all the photos you need and truly savouring every moment. You will be able to relax, since your experienced tour guide will take care of the tickets and chose the optimal route, skipping long lines.

Price includes

• Entrance tickets to Plitvice Lakes National Park (“skip the line” benefit)
• Electric boat ride
• Panoramic “train” ride (optional)
• Licensed English-speaking tour guide/driver
• Travel by an air-conditioned private car or a mini van
• Flexible itinerary
• Pick up and Drop Off
• Free cancelation policy
• Tourist insurance
• Road tolls and parking
• All taxes and VAT

No of persons 2 3 4 5 6 7 8
Price per group  500 € 550 € 650 € 700 € 750 € 800 € 850 €
No of persons Price per group 
2 500 €
3 550 €
4 650 €
5 700 €
6 750 €
7 800 €
8 850 €

If traveling in a group of more than 8 people, contact us for an offer.



    • Learn all about Croatia from your experienced tour guide
    • Relax as your tour guide takes care of everything
    • Join your guide on a stroll along boardwalks at the Upper Lakes
    • Enjoy the refreshing mist at the Prštavci Waterfalls
    • Take an invigorating boat ride across Lake Kozjak
    • Marvel at the fluorescent-teal Lower Lakes
    • Get filled with awe at the “Big Waterfall”
    • Possibly have the best lunch/dinner so far in Croatia

    Why book a private tour with Portal Day Tours?

    Private tour to Plitvice lakes is designed to discover one of the largest national parks in Croatia at your own pace accompanied by private English-speaking guide.

    Having your own guide allows you to find out more about the life and culture of local people, as well as to hear story about unique waterfalls which are one of the first natural sites in the world to be inscribed on UNESCO World heritage list.

    Since 2005, Portal Day Tours has excelled primarily because of its employees and associates: professional, friendly and responsible. We take tourism seriously, and have high esteem for each one of our clients.

    Over a thousand unsolicited positive reviews bear witness to our reliability and excellence.

    All of our tour guides/drivers understand that tours to the Plitvice Lakes require utmost flexibility, intuitiveness, reasonableness and patience. They were selected because they have been meeting those requirements and getting predominately excellent feedback from our clients.


    As you probably expect, any private tour can be tailored and customised. The Portal Day Tours Private Tour to Plitvice Lakes is no exception.

    However, some facts need to be kept in mind. For instance, entrance tickets are booked days before the tour and for selected hours only. In other words, visitors are expected to enter the Park as scheduled.

    At times, due to heavy rains, some parts of the park get flooded, affecting the proposed itinerary.

    Also, our experienced tour guide might suggest altering the planned route, and going for an alternative one.

    This is a recommended itinerary for our Plitvice Lakes Private Tour:

    08:00 Departure from Split
    10:30 – 15:00 Sightseeing of Plitvice Lakes with your private guide
    15:30 – 16:30 Time for lunch
    19:00 Return to Split


    The Plitvice Lakes Private Tour starts in Split/Split area around 8 A. M. You will be picked up by your guide at the arranged meeting point.

    The ride to NP Plitvice Lakes by a private car or an air-conditioned minivan takes about 2.5 hours. We will take the smooth A1 highway (the Dalmatina), benefiting from numerous potential comfort stops along the way and enjoying stunning views of the Dalmatian hinterland and the dramatic Velebit mountain.

    The final 45 minutes of the journey will immerse you into the surprising landscape of the Lika region, famous for its potatoes, cheese, honey and sauerkraut.

    The lush beech forest alongside of the road will signal you that you had arrived to the largest and oldest National Park in Croatia, an UNESCO heritage site since 1979. As your guide takes care of the entrance tickets, you will be able to have one last comfort stop before we get ready for the hike.

    There are several possible routes to take in the park, and your guide will suggest the optimal one, taking several factors into account: available time, the weather, how crowded it is, your fitness level, your preferences. Depending on the chosen option, you may benefit from the panoramic “train” right away, taking you to the highest point of the terraced lakes, and then walk down to the lowest lake and the “Big Waterfall”.

    Or, you can first embark on an electric boat and walk up to the top, and then take the panoramic train.
    You may want to avoid the panoramic train altogether and just stroll along the raised boardwalks.
    Whichever option you choose, you should aim to see both the Upper Lakes and the Lower Lakes.
    The so-called Upper Lakes consist of numerous emerald-green lakes, joined by countless waterfalls, surrounded by centenarian beech trees, spruces, firs, sycamores and junipers. Depending on the season, expect to see endemic orchids, gentians or cyclamens, as well as an extraordinary array of butterflies and dragonflies.

    Unless it’s super cold or heavily raining, expect to take the so-called “long boat ride” across Lake Kozjak. The silent electric engines and open deck will offer intimate, unobstructed contact with nature. The boat ride itself takes some 20 minutes, perfect to have a sandwich or some snacks.

    As we get off the boat, another comfort stop is available, as well as a chance to get coffee or an ice-cream, or even buy souvenirs.

    A gentle stroll will finally take us to the so-called Lower Lakes, a magical sequence of turquoise lakes, with tall limestone cliffs hovering above them. And then the grand finale, the “Big Waterfall”. If you’re lucky, you may even see a rainbow there. This is also the most popular photo stop, so count on some waiting in line.Before departure, more photo stops will enable you to bid farewell to this awe-inspiring place.

    An optional lunch in a popular local tavern might be just what you need after such an intense day. Lamb on the spit, grilled trout, gratinated crepes or vanilla ice-cream with pumpkin seed oil topping are just some of the items on their menu.

    The journey back to Split will allow you to share your impressions with your co-travellers or with the driver, who will also be more than happy to share useful insights on Split and Croatia.

    Important tips

    Please keep in mind that the Plitvice Lakes are part of a mountainous region, subject to frequent weather changes. In other words, weather conditions in the Plitvice Lakes National Park may be much different than in the Split area. Even in summer it can get cold. Also, rain is common.

    Therefore, dress appropriately. Take comfortable walking shoes (including an optional extra pair), warm socks (and an extra pair), a jacket or a raincoat and an umbrella, especially if rain is expected. Better be safe than sorry.

    It is wise to check several weather forecasts before you go. The official NP Plitvice Lakes web site may offer additional information on the weather and conditions in the park.

    Also, before you leave, your guide may give you additional tips on what to bring along and what to leave behind.

    Of course, especially in summer, the weather may be as warm and dry as in Split. A hat, sunglasses and light sportswear may then be necessary. And of course, a bottle of water.

    A private excursion is also possible for people with mobility difficulties, since the guide can adapt the entire route to the fitness level of the person or group.

    If you would nevertheless want to visit some parts of the park, please contact us and we will try to come up with an adjusted route.


    Did you know?

    Our suggested itinerary for NP Plitvice Lakes tour is covering the most important sites of Plitvice Lakes National park and  our experienced tour guide will show you around all sites of interest.

    Apart from customising the tour itself, tailoring it to meet your personal requirements and desires, this tour can be a part of a wider travel plan.

    For instance, the visit to the Plitvice Lakes can be included into your transfer from Zagreb to Split or from Split to Zagreb.

    Also, you can combine it with the transfer from Split to Rovinj or vice versa.

    When travelling from Slovenia to Split, Plitvice Lakes should likewise not be missed.

    Feel free to contact Portal Day Tours so we would try to devise an optimal vacation plan for you.