Discover the amazing history and culture of Bosnia and Herzegovina

Mostar and Herzegovina highlights private tour

Why are Mostar and Herzegovina worth visiting?

Mostar, the regional capital of Herzegovina, is an incredible mixture of cultures, architectural styles and places of worship. As a point where “worlds collide”, Mostar was terribly scarred by the Bosnian War (1992-1996), yet managed to rise from the ashes and became a tourist mecca.
By joining our private tour, you will see Mostar through the eyes of our enthusiastic local guide and discover hidden corners of the entire mysterious region, Herzegovina.

Price includes

  • Licensed English-speaking tour guide/driver
  • Licensed English-speaking local tour guide in Mostar
  • Transport by an air-conditioned luxury sedan or mini van
  • Pick up and drop off
  • Flexible itinerary
  • Free cancelation policy
  • Tourist insurance
  • Road tolls and parking
  • All taxes and VAT
No of persons                1-3             4-8
Price per group               480             600

For larger groups please contact us for an offer.



    • One day trip from Split to Bosnia and Herzegovina;
    • Unravel the fascinating city of Mostar with your local tour guide;
    • Marvel at the Old Bridge
    • Discover the mystical Dervish cliff-side house at the source of the Buna River
    • Visit Počitelj, an amazing Ottoman walled village
    • Admire the wonderous Kravice Waterfalls and enjoy an optional swim

    Why to book a private tour

    First of all, it is almost impossible to see so many sites in Herzegovina on a regular group tour organised from Split.
    Next, our tour guide/driver might suggest visiting places that may not be listed at all, in order to make the best out of your visit. Such flexibility is impossible with group tours. Smaller vehicles, like sedans or passenger vans, have considerably less paperwork at the border, unlike buses, who tend to form long lines at the customs.
    Many roads in Bosnia and Herzegovina are narrow, and cannot be accessed by buses. By taking these shortcuts you will gain precious time.
    To get more reasons why getting a private tour with Portal Day Tours, please click here.


    Among all private tours we do, ur trip to Mostar and Herzegovina is one of the most flexible ones. In other words, most activities can take place sooner or later, be made shorter or longer, or even be skipped altogether.
    Here’s a suggested itinerary for Mostar and Herzegovina Highlights Private Tour:

    • 8:00 A.M. Pick-up and departure from Split
    • 9:45 A.M. Stop in Počitelj
    • 10:45 A.M. Walking tour of Mostar with a local tour guide
    • 12:00 A.M. Free time
    • 3:00 P.M. Visit of Dervish Tekija in Blagaj
    • 4:30 P.M. Swim at Kravice Waterfalls
    • 7:30 P.M Return to Split and drop-off



    At pick-up, your guide/driver will first make sure you have your passport with you, as in about 1.5 hours you will be leaving Croatia and the EU and entering Bosnia andHerzegovina.

    You will certainly enjoy your ride to the border. A luxury sedan or minivan will cruise along spectacular Dalmatian mountains, benefiting from a smooth, modern motorway, built just couple of years ago.
    Soon after you cross the border, there will be a real treat. Počitelj is a village that will remind you of a Disney cartoon – Aladdin’s town of Agrabah. Apart from its scenic architecture, Počitelj is famous for its fresh fruits and refreshing pomegranate juice offered to tourists.

    Počitelj, however, is just an appetizer for the trip’s main course: Mostar. Upon our arrival to the capital of Herzegovina, our local guide will welcome to you to Mostar and introduce you to Bosnia and Herzegovina and tell you a bit more about the history of thiscomplex country.

    Next, you will walk together towards the historic centre of Mostar, dominated by the mesmerising Old Bridge, a masterpiece of Ottoman architecture. The bridge is also famous for its heroes – young boys jumping off the bridge into the supercold river of Neretva. Mosques, bazaars, fountains, lamps and flying carpets hover over the turquoise river, makingMostar one of the most colourful cities in Europe.

    By the time the walking tour ends, you will have known where to go for lunch and what to order. Bosnian cuisine, related to Turkish and Middle-eastern cuisines, is famous for its mini- kebabs or ćevapi, served in a flat bread with some chopped onions and cream cheese. Rest assured that you will never taste better ones (well, except maybe in Sarajevo, the capital ofBosnia and Herzegovina).

    After you wisely spent your free time, buying typical souvenirs: authentic Prada purses, weird Yugoslav Communist artefacts, and, of course, lamps, your driver will save you from the hubbub of Mostar and take you to the village of Blagaj and the serene source of the Buna River, selected centuries ago as a centre of the mystical Muslim order of the Dervish, known for their trance-like “dancing” prayers.

    And last but not the least, visit the Kravice Waterfalls, a stunning “Oasis in Stone”, one of the only places in the entire region that actually allows swimming by the waterfalls. If you don’t mind not being the only visitor to this beautiful natural park, you will love the sauna effect getting into the freezing water after being steamed all day in Mostar.

    The journey back home will be made shorter by a convenient shortcut, an in no time, you will be back to Croatia, impressed and invigorated.

    Did you know?

    Our private tours can be adjusted, tailored and designed, depending on your preferences, lifestyle and circumstances. Feel free to contact us if you have suggestions or questionsregarding the itinerary.

    Here are some of our suggestions that may give you ideas foy your discovery of the Balkans:

    The visit to Mostar and/or other places in Herzegovina can be added to your transfer from
    Split to Dubrovnik or vice versa.

    Also, we encourage you to consider booking our 2-day private tour to Mostar and Sarajevo.

    A 3-day-long tour of the Plitvice Lakes, Mostar and Sarajevo is another interesting option in
    our offer.



    We did a day trip to Mostar and Herzegovina and if you have the time while in Croatia this is not to be missed. Our guide Andrija was very informative and definitely wanted to show us the best of the best.

    We tried typical Bosnian food, saw the beautiful town of Mostar and also stopped in Imotski see the Red and Blue lake. We also managed to see two gorgeous waterfalls before driving back over the border in the evening. Special thanks to Anita who helped us organise this tour and to Andrija for making this a super day.

    Carol – Canada