Let your private tour guide make you fall in love with Split

Historic Split Private Walking Tour

Why is Split, Croatia, worthy of special attention?

Split is one of the most remarkable cities in the world, an incredible amalgam of historic styles and influences: Egyptian, Roman, early medieval, Romanesque, gothic, Renaissance, baroque, modern. Remarkably, Split is a living museum, with people still inhabiting its ancient buildings.

The value of Split was recognised by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), inscribing it on its list of World Heritage as early as 1979.

Instead of wandering aimlessly or joining large groups of tourists being herded around the city, give Split the attention it deserves. Enjoy a privilege of receiving personal attention from your private tour guide, as he shares his passion for history and love of his hometown, Split.

Start time : FLEXIBLE

Duration – 1,5 HOUR

Start point : FLEXIBLE

Price includes

1.5-hour-long walking tour with a private local English-speaking tour guide

No of persons 1-3 4-6 7-8
Price 80 € 90 € 120 €

Exclusions: Entrance fees, Gratuities (optional)

For groups larger than 8 people please contact us for an offer.



    • Learn about the fascinating historic background of the Diocletian’s palace, eventually giving birth to the city of Split
    • Step into 4 th century A.D. as you pass through the macabre “Diocletian’s cellars”, i.e. the palace substructures
    • Experience the dramatic atmosphere of the Peristyle square, a meeting point of Heaven and Earth
    • Marvel at the unbelievably preserved Emperor’s Mausoleum transformed into a Christian cathedral
    • Follow you guide as you meander through the medieval labyrinth of streets on your way to the resplendent Golden Gate

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    The city of Split is inseparably tied to one person: a Roman emperor named Diocletian, both famous and infamous ruler of the Roman Empire of the late 3 rd /early 4 th century AD.
    The precious introduction of your private tour guide will help you fathom the emperor’s outstanding legacy: Diocletian`s palace.

    Although spectacular, the palace he had built in Split still remains largely mysterious, because after his death many endeavoured to erase every mention of its founder. Nevertheless, your guide will do his best to share the latest archaeological findings as you walk by the incredible monuments.

    The palace substructures, popularly known as Diocletian’s Cellars, consist of series of halls and passage ways, pillars and vaults. Historians believe their purpose was to support the buildings erected above, revealing the original layout of the palace.
    As you emerge from the cave-like substructures, you’ll be blinded by the sunlit Peristyle square. With dozens of Egyptian granite columns joined by Roman capitals and arches, the square was said to have been a place of worship of the divine emperor.
    Next, admire the performance of the local klapa singers as they fill the acoustic Pantheon-like Vestibule with traditional Dalmatian music.
    From the ancient triclinium, or dining room, get great views of the Mausoleum and its octagonal roof. The Roman burial temple became one of the oldest Catholic cathedrals in the world.
    Follow your guide to the Silver Gate, and walk upon original Roman stones in the pavement. Take the Cardo Street to the northern, or Golden Gate, passing by some extraordinary Renaissance city palaces.

    The Golden Gate was, once upon a time, decorated with numerous statues. Today you’ll admire the silhouettes of local residents spying on you from behind the shutters.
    Observe the impressive statue of Gregory of Nin, a 10 th century Croatian bishop, being obviously annoyed by relentless tourists trying to rub his big toe as a lucky charm.

    Finally, on our way to the vibrant Riva, we will pass by the miniscule Jewish Ghetto, colourful People’s Square (Piazza) and the charming Fruit’s Square.

    Why book a private tour with Portal Day Tours

    • First of all, you want to make a wise use of your time and energy, especially if you’re on a tight schedule. By booking a private tour, you wouldn’t have to wait for other participants or be delayed as others distract the attention of the tour guide.
    • Another advantage of having a private tour is a possibility to tailor your own pace, comfort stops or even points of interest
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    Did you know?

    Our goal is to make you get the best of your visit to Split. With that in mind, here are some suggestions you might want to consider:

    Being on a private tour gives you the opportunity to tailor the itinerary to your personal preferences and schedule.

    Here are some suggestions on how you could enrich the tour or extend it:

    This walking tour can be part of a half day tour. For example, you may benefit from visiting the city after the Krka Waterfalls Private Tour.

    You can extend the tour by planning a visit to Salona (Croatian Pompeii)

    The tour can be made Kids Friendly. Both the parents and their kids will no doubt appreciate a tour specially designed to maintain the interest and the attention of our youngest travellers.

    If you’re interested in Flora & Fauna of Split, one of our expert guides well-versed in botany and wildlife can lead you through the gardens surrounding the Diocletian’s Palace, introducing you to trees, shrubs and flower that grow there, as well as wild plants defying the urban habitat.
    Feel free to contact us for these or other options.


    We had a great tour of Diocletian’s Palace and the city. Our guide was very knowledgable and great at finding the perfect spots for pictures.

    It was so nice to have a private tour because all of the group tours we passed had people who could not hear their tour guide.

    Our tour guide knew many of the people in the shops, exhibits, and performing on the street. He was nice and introduced us to them which made our experience even more personal and enjoyable.

    Daniël – The Netherlands