Learn about the history of Split with a focus on Jewish part in it

Diocletian Palace and Jewish heritage tour

Diocletian’s Palace and Jewish Heritage of Split Private Tour

What is the history of the Jewish community in Split?

Prominent Jews played a pivotal role in the rich history of Split, Croatia, as Jewish heritage has been woven into the city’s intricate tapestry right from its founding.

By joining our private tour, you will be impressed by the amazing evolution of the imperial palace of Diocletian, a Roman emperor, into a thriving city, with the Jewish community playing an important part in its development.

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2 hour sightseeing tour with local English speaking tour guide

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Exclusions: Entrance fees

Optional: Gratuities, Visit to Jewish cemetery

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    • Stroll along the picturesque streets of Split with your tour guide, fascinated by the well-preserved Roman architecture, intertwined with medieval palaces and churches.
    • Discover the Diocletian`s Palace – UNESCO World Heritage site, built by the Roman Emperor Diocletian at the turn of the fourth century AD.
    • Learn more about the ancient Jewish heritage and their legacy in Split;
    • Be deeply moved by the accounts of persecution of Jews in Croatia during World War II
    • Admire the courage of 7 inhabitants of Split who were awarded the title of “Righteous Among the Nations” by the state of Israel for protecting Jews during the Holocaust
    • Visit the famous Split Synagogue, one of the oldest in Europe, and still in use
    • Find out more about the lifestyle of Jews in Split today


    Your private guide will meet you at your cruise ship or at your hotel, if withing walking distance from the historic centre. Otherwise, the meeting point will be additionally arranged.
    Admire your local guide unravel the amazing Diocletian’s Palace, its infamous emperor, mysterious temples, magnificent ramparts, gates and towers, and the subsequent development of the abandoned palace into a new city, leading the way to the focal point of the entire tour: the fascinating history of Jews in Split.

    The tiny Split Jewish Ghetto, situated in the northwestern corner of the former imperial palace, was inhabited by up to 300 residents. Remains of gate hinges testify to the common treatment Jews had in southern Europe in those years. Surprisingly, the confinement would at times actually provide protection against mob attacks.

    he Split Synagogue, one of three active synagogues in Croatia, may well be the oldest one. Situated in the heart of the Jewish Lane (or Židovski prolaz, in Croatian), it was established upon arrival of the Sephardic Jews from Spain and Portugal, and has continually been usedsince the early 1500’s.
    The synagogue is a symbol the peaceful existence of the small Jewish minority in the exclusively Catholic area.
    An interesting report witnessing to the general attitude toward Jews in Split came from one of the Jewish opponents, a Venetian commander of the city of Split, Pietro Basadonno. In his letter of complaint sent to the Venetian government, he expressed his resentment, claiming that Jews in Split “don’t wear any identification marks, freely leave the Ghetto, reside in comfortable houses, and their children play with Christian children…”

    A powerful reminder of the suffering of the Split Jewish community is on display in the synagogue: a memorial plaque containing names of its members who perished during the Holocaust.
    A bonus feature of the visit to the synagogue is a privilege to meet some of the active members of the modern Jewish community of Split, and learn more about their activities.

    Optional: The tour may also include a visit to Jewish cemetery. Your tour guide will walk with you to the Marjan Hill, one of the most famous landmarks in Split. The climb will be rewarded by a stunning view of the port and the city. The Jewish cemetery, established in the 16 th century, is remarkably located at one of the most beautiful locations in Split.
    As you will solemnly walk by tombstones bearing inscriptions in Hebrew, erected in past centuries, you will be deeply touched by their stories. The damaged photos on tombstones from the early 1940’s are particularly moving.

    Did you know?

    Like other private tours organized by Portal Day Tours, this is an adjustable tour, with all of its features being possible tailored to your preferences and schedule.
    Feel free to get in touch with us in order to help you devise a perfect holiday plan.
    Furthermore, this particular tour can be one of the items on our private half-day tours.

    For instance, our popular day trip, Highlights of Split and Trogir Area, can be combined with
    a visit to the synagogue and other Jewish landmarks in Split.


    We thoroughly enjoyed this walking tour. Our guide was friendly and well informed. It is such a privilege to be escorted through a spectacular sight, like Diocletian’s palace, by someone who knows the area intimately. Thank you Portal for a very memorable morning.

    Derek, Sarah and Susan – Australia